Ever heard of an old saying “Avarice increases with wealth”? Well, Adnan Sami has just proved the saying by relegating to some unthinkable levels once again.

The singer who recently voluntarily invalidated his Pakistani citizenship to acquire Indian nationality has said that those abusing him for congratulating Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Indian Army’s “surgical strike” in Pakistani Kashmir, “see terrorists and Pakistan as the same.”

Adnan’s sycophantic tweet comes amid the heated debate whether Pakistani artists should remain in India or leave. The singer seems to have pitched two cents in the ongoing war mania by flattering his new masters so he could possibly secure his career in the country.

The singer again took to Twitter on Friday morning to make it sure that he still has the best chances to make money in the country by simply congratulating the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for “a brilliant, successful & mature strategic strike against terrorism!”

Adnan’s sycophantic tweets received an immediate backlash from twitteratis: