Redefining Fitness through New GYM Technology

07:34 PM | 2 May, 2018
Redefining Fitness through New GYM Technology
With an ambience encouraging members to think about “holistic wellness”, SUMMIT hosted its grand opening at Lahore on April 28, 2018. Being Lahore’s Premier Fats loss and strength training fitness studio the focus of this newly formed GYM facility is to provide ‘progress based customized weight loss program’ which people can keep track of easily.

SUMMIT is Pakistan’s first StrongFirst Inspired studio that encourages people to adopt a healthy lifestyle within ethical and spiritual bounds. Amenities at the GYM include; 3D Body Scanning, Nutrigenomics Lifestyle Test and Personalized training sessions alongside customized diet and workout plans. The inauguration was conducted in the presence of Maulana Yousaf Khan and Muhammad Yousaf (former cricketer and captain of Pakistan cricket team). What sets SUMMIT apart from other GYMS is the use of latest techniques to track fitness progress.

Gym and exercise technologies have evolved massively over the past decade. Better fitness results need better data in order to make sure that exercise is streamlined and maximized. Moreover, nutritional requirements of the body can also be assessed. The Skytu 3D Body Scanner available at SUMMIT Lifestyle can provide all the data required for the thirstiest data fanatics. This technology is taken advantage of to maximize and streamline exercises and to give a better idea of your fitness level.

Advantages of opting for a 3D Body Scan:

Get Better Fitness Results

While gauging how you feel is a good way of assessing yourself there should be something objective to measure your efforts. Scientific data measurements about things like your body composition, posture analysis and other proprietary body measurements that are made possible by the latest in fitness technology. At SUMMIT Lifestyle we provide our members with 3D body shape and measurement visualization services to give them a better idea of their body and health at the same time.

Scale is Just a Number

When people narrow their weight loss to just the number on the weighing scale they actually the miss the entire idea of healthy living. Fitness professionals have stated innumerable times that focusing on weight loss instead of the fat loss is counterproductive. As you lose fat during your fitness/transformation journey you actually shrink, however, the goal should be to increase muscle mass and reduce the fat percentage. Therefore, the weighing scale is a misguided way of evaluating overall health. By just viewing what the scale says, most of the people lose the bigger picture, which is related to the transformation of body and wellness.

3D Body Scanning – Accurate way to Track Fitness

With far more accurate and reliable data that anything like a fitness watch, measuring tape or a weighing scale could provide. The 3D Body scanner can measure exactly how much fat a person needs to lose in order to meet the ideal (yet realistic) fitness goals keeping in mind factors like age, height and gender. In addition to this, a 3D Body scanner can also create a calorie intake model based on the member’s particular goals and calorie expenditure for their training programs/workout sessions.

Easy and Convenient

Instead of going through the cumbersome activity of measuring each part of your body with a measuring tape, it only takes a few seconds to stand on the 3D Scanning plate and getting an entire report about your body. Optical 3D technology is new at GYMs all over the world. However, the 3D Body scanners are now the standard practice for fitness assessments at all high-tech gyms.

Discover 3D Body Scanner and its Features at SUMMIT

The 3D Body Scanner service is available at SUMMIT – Pakistan’s first Strong First inspired fitness studio. The fitness programs and facilities at SUMMIT are designed to maximize fitness and wellness with the intention of tracking progress to make sure that results achieved are sustainable. When all services are paired with experienced and knowledgeable training professionals then you can be sure about embracing a healthy lifestyle.