Why Lollywood movies are so much better than Bollywood ones!

12:17 PM | 3 Aug, 2017
Why Lollywood movies are so much better than Bollywood ones!

How can a nation restore the disturbed equilibrium that is leading to an increase in trends promoting cultures and traditions other than it’s own?

By the use of a certain platform which has the most powerful influence on the behaviours and cultures of the normal crowd: the film industry.

In the recent years, Pakistan film industry has excelled noticeably by the production of hits like “Waar”, “Khuda ke liye”, “Bol”, “Main hoon Shahid Afridi” etc. which promote themes other than love and romance.

The catch about such films is that their content is vast, creative and influential in ways that prove to be beneficial for the audience. Bollywood films fail to have such an impact as their prime focus is repetitive: love and romance.

Lollywood films have however, employed themes such as women rights, transgender rights, terrorism, honor killing, bravery and world relations.

These prove to be useful in educating the illiterate class specifically that rely on films and social media for forming opinions. These also help create awareness of such issues.

Pakistani films have also successfully restored our traditions and cultures by cutting down the factor of vulgarity and vividly displaying any false accusations made on them for example “Waar” shows how Pakistan is not a terrorist country.

Lollywood films also face the challenge of expenses being limited. It is a known fact that Pakistan has no proper film industry or government policy.

Lack of investors lead to little or no money shutting down various films but this problem is successfully dealt with by the collection of money through brand placements and business. On the contrary, Bollywood films  are provided fists full of money as the mere requirement of production.

Although Bollywood films have grasped the spotlight just through their cliche stories but there is nothing like the enjoyment and love for Lollywood films in the patriotic hearts of Pakistanis!

We hope to see more from you, PAKISTAN. Keep up the original work & don't get lost in Indian culture & its themes.