AI: Threat or blessing?

05:45 PM | 3 Jun, 2021
AI: Threat or blessing?

AI is an integral part of our lives and promises a future even more advanced and modern than it is today. However, the development of AI does not come without complications. While some see AI as a blessing, there are many who are fearful of the fast developing technology. 

The benefits of AI are far reaching. From medical care to automatic run businesses to self driving cars to home assistants; AI is everywhere! Not only does technology do the job in less time, it does so with more efficiency. Owing to the fact that AI does not need breaks and does not get tired compared to humans , Business owners now prefer AI run programs in order to cut costs and increase productivity. What's more people now task AI with doing dangerous and life threatening jobs. 

The newly recruited Bomb robots help save many lives and we might even be seeing robots in outer space. AI is far better at predicting behaviour than the human mind. The best thing about AI is that it can take over mindless, repetitive tasks and give humans the opportunity to engage in more interesting jobs. AI also reduces the amount of human error that is possible when people are overworked or otherwise occupied. In our personal lives, thanks to AI we can navigate easier, set tasks and reminders and do simple tasks around the home at the snap of a finger. It can be argued that AI has made life simpler, comfortable and faster! 

'' AI is about replacing human decision making with more sophisticated technology.''

- Falguni Desai

So what exactly are the fears related to the this lifestyle? Many people argue that AI's lack of ability to make decisions based on morals and compassion could lead to bigger problems. Replacement of basic human jobs will put many out of employment. Some fear a robot takeover once AI develops enough to outthink the human mind. Whatever these fears are, there is no doubt AI is here to stay. At least for now chances of a robot takeover seem slim. AI cannot create new knowledge so it seems we are safe for now.