6 Ramadan Shows We Don’t Want to Watch

03:21 PM | 6 Jun, 2016
6 Ramadan Shows We Don’t Want to Watch
Aside from being a holy month in which Muslims work to strengthen their link to God and his people, Ramazan is like a goldmine for Television broadcasters and advertisers. Every thing from cooking oil to tissue paper uses the now-common Ramazan package or discount to shift their products.

TV broadcasters also follow suit every year by launching a range of special Ramazan programming. And ever since the "opening up" of the media, we have seen a range of special Ramazan shows, including morning shows, religious education shows, game shows, and lifestyle and fitness shows, just to name a few.

However, while some the programs they have aired have been strokes of genius, other shows have made us question what TV executives were on before they gave the green light.

To make sure, we aren't exposed to such horrors this Ramazan, we have made a list of the 6 Ramazan shows we absolutely don't want to watch this season.

Pemra, please take note.

1. Aamir liaqat with more mango eating contests


He da real mangobaaz!

2. Qandeel Baloch hosting a talk show with religious scholars

This particular possibility is bound to cause countrywide outrage but for some reason, I feel like we’ve seen this before.


Ab 900 choohay kha ke billi haj pe na jaye to kya hee baat hai!

3. Nawaz sharif hosting a lifestyle advice segment


Certainly not the most popular person in Pakistan right now, the Honorable Prime Minister is perhaps not the best example of modesty either (but then again, we have good examples in Fahad Mustafa and Aamir Liaqat).

4. Fawad khan on any kind of show before the Maghrib azaan


Haye, Roza na toot jayhe

5. Pervez Hoodboy


The man has a religious passion for anything molecular and his Ramadan show would surely put everyone to sleep long before Maghrib.

6. Tahir ul qadri hosting an all-day Ramazan cooking show



Entertaining yet erratic. It should be entertaining to watch the man declare that it is indeed time to break ones fast, only to go back on his word and then abruptly disappear.