Paris Hilton, Akcent show support for Ayesha Omar after privacy breach post

11:52 PM | 3 Sep, 2021

Pakistani entertainment industry’s favourite Ayesha Omar has been winning hearts after she opened up about the most traumatic phase of her life.

The Bulbulay star bared her heart out as she recently shared her trauma caused by a privacy breach.

The heartfelt confession was not only warmly welcomed but her effort towards transparency was lauded by global stars like Paris Hilton and Akcent.

Reading her heartfelt note, Hilton extended her support and showered Ayesha with love. The lead vocalist of popstar band Akcent Adrian Claudiu Sînă also left a heart emoji under Omar's post.

The Karachi se Lahore star earlier penned a long note where she expressed the most traumatic part of her life.

"found these in my phone today. I remember this hour clearly, watching the sunset from my hotel-room balcony in Dubai. An hour to myself between a packed promotions schedule. "

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"I also remember that day was extremely traumatic for me, one of my most traumatic times actually: my privacy had been breached big-time the day before and I felt my world was crumbling…. "

Furthermore, she even shared the observation that perfect lives posed on social media are usually deceptive.

"Sanya and I both were going through terrible times, but we made it through, and came out stronger and softer. This was also exactly one week before the first case of Covid-19 was discovered in Pakistan,” the 39-year-old concluded.

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