The truth about kidnapped children of Punjab, is the situation really that bad?

11:51 PM | 4 Aug, 2016
The truth about kidnapped children of Punjab, is the situation really that bad?
LAHORE (Staff Report) – Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Operations, Lahore, Dr Haider Ashraf, has rejected the reports that more than 600 children have been abducted from the province in recent days.

Giving the details regarding the case, Haider said throughout 2015 a total of only 1134 children abduction/missing cases were recorded of which about 929 returned on their own and 164 were recovered. “As many as 4 children are still missing”, the police official said and added that 90 percent of the missing children left their homes themselves due to admonishing by their parents.

Earlier, Additional IG Punjab Nadeem Nawaz had submitted a reported in the Supreme Court, stating that 6793 children were abducted in different parts of Punjab in the last six years, out of which 6654 have been recovered till now.

The police report reveals that 1808 children were kidnapped between 2015 and 2016. A total of 1715 minors have been recovered so far while investigation process to locate 93 others is underway.

The report further states that 767 kidnapping cases were reported in the first seven months of 2016. 715 children were rescued whereas 52 cases are being investigated at the moment.

The DIG dispelled the impression of involvement of any organised gang in the kidnapping of the children, saying that police had found no similarity in ‘modus operandi’ of the missing or alleged kidnapping.

Lahore Police also claimed on Sunday that 14 kidnapped/missing children were recovered during search operations in various parts of the metropolitan city during the last few days.

Meanwhile, Punjab Inspector General of Police, Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera, had directed the RPOs and DPO to bound every SHO so that an FIR could be immedietely lodged after receiving an application by the heirs regarding missing/abduction of their children. No negligence would be accepted and strict action would be taken against the officers concerned.

Mushtaq Sukhera directed officers to launch a massive media campaign to raise awareness among parents and seek full cooperation of the people.

Justice Saqib Nisar had taken a suo moto notice on July 26 after it was claimed in the media that more than 600 children were abducted from the province of Punjab of which approximately 300 were from Lahore alone.

“It has been highlighted that such abductions are orchestrated with the nefarious object of extracting vital body organs of the abductees; while another attribution is for sexual abuse and / or beggary etc. through the children. That in any case such large scale abduction, if so, of children in a short span of time is a matter of immense concern and alarm,” Justice Saqib Nisar observed.

He further stated: “It is violation of the fundamental rights especially of life, liberty, safety and free movement and undoubtedly is of great public and thus the matter calls for cognizance within the purview of Article 184(3) of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973.”