Nadia Jamil speaks about battling sexual abuse 

04:00 PM | 4 Jul, 2022
Nadia Jamil speaks about battling sexual abuse 
Source: Nadia Jamil (Instagram)

Even though celebrities are reluctant to reveal their traumatic past and prefer to keep their private life under wraps, famed actress Nadia Jamil is setting a new precedent and has opened up about her traumatic childhood experiences with sexual abuse.

Taking to Twitter, the Damsa actress, who recently battled breast cancer, expressed her despair and penned a heartwrenching note about the pain she endured. But she emphasised that there is a light at the end of every tunnel. 

"1st time I ws sexually abused I ws 4 yrs old,then 9,then 17/18. Its taken me years 2 fight deep depression,sadness,fear & a shame I had no business feeling,2b where I am now.Healed.Not just surviving but thriving.There is a way from the pain 2 peace. You are never alone Love Nado," she wrote.

This is not the first time Nadia Jamil has opened up about her childhood trauma. She has revealed in several interviews about coping with her inner demons and talking about the sexual abuse that she faced as a child.

In a country where victims are shamed into silence or threatened, Jamil has brought her pain to the forefront and has garnered widespread applause for shedding light on the taboo.

She was first sexually abused at the tender age of four and then when she was nine. She also experienced sexual abuse as a teenager at the age of 17 or 18.

The 40-year-old's journey is awe-inspiring and full of hope. Today, the Behadd actress has many jewels to her crown like she is a CSA Survivor, mother, teacher, and active Child Protection Worker and activist.

Earlier, Nadia had been documenting her journey with cancer on her social media handle. With regular updates occasionally, the star made sure to share empowering advice for her loyal fan following.

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