Ramadan 2021 – Best Sehri tips to avoid dehydration

06:36 PM | 5 Apr, 2021
Ramadan 2021 – Best Sehri tips to avoid dehydration

With the advancement of years, the holy month of Ramadan is getting more difficult due to the rising heat levels on account of global warming. Gripped by a heatwave, the prevailing soaring temperature in Pakistan is causing nose bleeding and dry mouth/lips here in the country.

Catering the humidity and battling with a pandemic, here are the tricks to ensure that one stays hydrated.

1) Essentially, it is significant to not have the meals in the hustle-bustle. Hence, Sehri should be had at least half an hour before the time for Fajr. This will give ample time to drink water so that one consumes the liquid and stay hydrated through the day,

2) At times, the instructions of drinking ample water is misinterpreted and a huge amount of water is consumed on the account to avoid dehydration. But water in access amount can result in lethargy. Hence, one should eat and drink in small portions in Iftari and Sehri to avoid health issues.

3) Traditionally, a Sehri in Muslim households consists of eggs. However, egg yolk can make one thirsty and should be avoided.

4) Battling dehydration can be a tedious task given the current heatwave. But Yogurt is the perfect lifesaver considering its nutrients benefits and cooling effect on the body. Moreover, a glass of lassi can keep you hydrated all day.

5) Red meat should be avoided for Sehri since it is harder to digest and increases body temperature that results in the person getting thirsty

6) Tea and coffee for Sehri are also not advisable as they increase body temperature and make you feel dehydrated.

7) Salty and spicy food top the list of the food that should be avoided at all costs since it can lead to dehydration.

8) Healthy meals like vegetables and fruits are encouraged since they are rich in water content.