Hum Mein Se #Aik: Jibran Nasir releases anthem for 2018 election campaign (VIDEO)

01:29 PM | 6 Jul, 2018
Hum Mein Se #Aik: Jibran Nasir releases anthem for 2018 election campaign (VIDEO)
KARACHI - Mohammad Jibran Nasir, a noted social activist and independent candidate from Karachi, has released the anthem for his election campaign days ahead of general polls.

"This anthem is a labour of love made possible through the support of friends. colleagues and supporters," the 31-year-old said in a statement on Friday.

"The creation process of this song represents truly represents the campaign. It is by the people for the people," he added.


Posted by Mohammad Jibran Nasir on Thursday, July 5, 2018

Though Mr. Nasir is contesting as an independent candidate with the campaign naturally focusing on a single person; however the lyrics of the anthem do not praise or even mention Jibran opposed to the majority of the political songs which celebrate personalities instead of propagating an inclusive ideology.

"With a message to promote ideological politics, the anthem speaks about the struggles of the common man and highlights the injustices of current political incumbents while at the same time stressing on the need of self-propelled leadership from amongst the masses," the statement further read.

"We have been taught to seek change from the ruling elite whereas we need to be the change. We are the change."

The video of the song, Hum Mein Se #Aik, includes diverse participants belonging to different walks from life with different backgrounds. There are actors, activists, cultural icon, students, and athletes featured in the song all highlighting their struggles and triumphs as part of our society.

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They include labour rights activists like Nasir Mansoor, gender rights activists like Mahnaz Rahman and Kami Sid, icons like Bushra Ansari, younger talent like Faiza Saleem, activists for citizens with special needs like Imran Lalani, athletes from the Special Olympics Team, a courageous and inspiring voice like Khadija Siddiqui.

"We are proud that our society has such vibrant individuals who together are changing Pakistan for the better every day," Jibran said.

"Irrespective of their religion, caste, creed and gender, the Pakistani people have to unite as one as that is the key to our progress. Though some people may feel that one person is not enough to change the system, we believe that once we are united as one there is no challenge that we cannot overcome," he continued.

Hum Mein Se #Aik not only propagates that "we hope to elect one of us into the Parliament but also hopes to empower more individuals to take upon this responsibility to represent their fellow citizens".

"In our efforts to strengthen this pillar of our State, we hope that we can help our voters understand that they need someone who empathises with their struggle to represent them. In this spirit, this song is for the farmers, for lady health workers, for transgenders, for youth, and for every movement which produces leaders from amongst its own ranks.

"We hope that one day, the political climate of our country enables every willing and able citizen to contest elections and correct this imbalance of power. Come join us in spreading this message and help us mobilise our fellow citizens to take charge of their future," he concluded.