Say goodbye to traditional makeup rules

04:11 PM | 6 May, 2018
Say goodbye to traditional makeup rules
Throughout the makeup evolution we are told how important it is to keep your face symmetrical with the help of color contrast on your face. Your eyebrows should match, your blush should match the hues of your lip color and more. The most painful and time taking of these all are cat-eyes, the precision and quantity of the product must remain equal or else your look is ruined but influencers and makeup artist are saying goodbye to these traditional rules. Bringing you contemporary makeup trick and looks:

1) Mismatched eyeshadow 1:

There are two types of mismatched eyeshadows.This look is very easy and artsy. Instead of matching the makeup of both sides you can now play with different colors. On each side use a different color. These colors will pop up your look.

2) Mismatched eyeshadow 2:

The same thing applies in this you need tow colors but add ons are even more fun and funky. For each side pick one base color and then you can build up your look by adding more similar hues to the base color. This look will give a bit more dramatic effect to your eyes keeping it fun and artsy.

3) Gloss it up:

Do you want to go to more extremes these summers? You can now easily glow your Mismatched shadows with face gloss giving it that extra shine. To complete this look add eyeliner to define your eyes a bit more with lots of mascara and viola you are glamed up.

4) Funky underliners:

We all have used blue, white, black and brown eye liners but for this new trend our makeup gurus are making things even more interesting. You can now use different liners and try two-tone underliner. Your eyes will make statements.

Do the same with your eyeliner too!!