6 Home remedies to prevent dry skin this winter season

01:34 PM | 6 Nov, 2018
6 Home remedies to prevent dry skin this winter season
LAHORE -  Dry Skin becomes hard to bear as it causes itchiness and is very uncomfortable. Dryness can be caused by various factors which include aging, seasonal changes, or environmental factors. It is also called xerosis, is skin that lacks moisture in its outer layer.

If left untreated, dry skin can crack and become infected. Keeping dry skin moisturized is important, but some store-bought treatments can be expensive or ineffective. There is a range of treatments available to treat dry skin at home - but which are most effective?

Below are 6 easy to do home remedies which you can adapt for skin care:

1.Oatmeal mask: Oatmeal is another natural ingredient that can help treat dry skin. Adding powdered oatmeal to a bath or using creams that contain oatmeal may help to relieve dry skin.

A 2015 study found that extracts from oatmeal had anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, suggesting it can help treat dry skin.

2.Honey Mask: A 2012 review of research notes that some studies have shown honey to be beneficial for many types of skin diseases. Some studies suggest that honey may be used as an at-home treatment to relieve dry skin.

Various studies have found honey to be: moisturizing, healing, anti-inflammatory

These are all qualities that suggest honey is an ideal at home treatment to relieve dry skin.

3. Use a humidifier: keeping a humidifier in your home can help minimize the dryness caused by home heating systems. Though gas and electric heat strip moisture from the air, a humidifier set to 60 percent is enough to offset this effect, according to the Harvard Medical School.


4. Avoid allergens and irritants: A sudden occurrence of dry skin might be connected to the clothes you’re wearing or what you’ve exposed your skin too. Sitting by the fireplace, spending time in the chlorinated or chemically-treated water, or even wearing wool clothing can all irritate your skin and make it feel dry.

5. Adding Antioxidants and omega-3s to your diet: When your skin is dry, it means you’re exposing it to elements that are damaging skin cells faster than your body can repair them. There are some foods that can help your skin appear healthier, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Foods rich in antioxidants can minimize damage from toxins and maintain skin care are blueberries, tomatoes, peas, beans, and lentils.

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon may also contribute to a glowing-skin diet.


6. Apply Coconut oil: Coconut oil has emollient properties. Emollients fill the spaces between skin cells, creating a smooth surface. That’s why the saturated fatty acids that occur naturally in coconut oil can hydrate and smooth the skin.