No, 'Punjab Nahi Jaoungi' is not a brilliant movie

02:39 PM | 6 Sep, 2017
No, 'Punjab Nahi Jaoungi' is not a brilliant movie
No, Punjab Nahi Jaoungi is not a brilliant movie, but more than 2 hours and 30 minutes of wife beating/cheating jokes with the same old sexist story lines that have now become something of a regular occurrence in Pakistani cinema.

Here are just SOME of the many things presented in the sexist manifesto that was Punjab Nahi Jaoungi – (Might contain spoilers)

-When an act of domestic violence takes place, we should sympathize with the aggressor. Acha, jee?

-When a woman rejects a proposal, emotionally blackmail her into accepting it. Haan, ye hee tou hai.

-A child of divorced parents is obviously a bad boy. Kinda obvious, this one.

-If women work, their husbands will cheat on them. Not a single doubt in our minds.

-Get emancipated women married to their village cousins who are sexist and take 10 years to finish their MA.

-If a woman ever says she's made up her mind she obviously can be convinced against it. Fickle women, huh.

-All women want in a marriage is materialism.

-When a woman wants a divorce she's a cold "pathar dil" aurat.

-Because the woman will not tolerate domestic violence and has filed for a divorce look what that made poor Dada Jee do, he's started smoking again. Clearly the woman's fault.

-Wife beaters are better off than regular people because when they slap their women, they don't retaliate.

If you've watched this in a theatre I can sympathise with how nauseated you must have felt as people raised slogans of "kaash main bhi" and clapped on. It shook me to the bone. What an insanely insensitive person you are, whoever wrote the script, and the 'educated' actors that don't turn down such roles/dialogues?

Yes, we should support Pakistani cinema, but not at the expense of women and basic morality.

If you were too dumb witted and lost in applause to notice what you just watched, here’s some perspective.

No, Punjab Nahi Jaoungi is not a brilliant movie.