China restricts Muslims from fasting during Ramazan

12:48 PM | 7 Jun, 2016
China restricts Muslims from fasting during Ramazan

CHINA (Web Desk) - While Muslims around the globe are observing the month of Ramadan with quintessential fervour and reverence, the otherwise secular state of China has restricted residents of province Xinjiang from fasting in the holy month.

Xinjiang is home to almost 10 million Uyghur (Uighur) Muslims, who have been resisting the Chinese state and seeking independence for decades.

Several local government departments in Xinjiang posted notices on their websites during the past week ordering restrictions on fasting during Ramadan.

"Party members, cadres, civil servants, students and minors must not fast for Ramadan and must not take part in religious activities,"AFP quoted a notice posted on Thursday on central Xinjiang's Korla city website.

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Moreover, a website run by the education bureau of the regional capital Urumqi’s Shuimogou district posted a notice last Monday calling for “prevention of students and teachers from all schools from entering mosques for religious activities” during Ramazan.

Besides barring Muslims from fasting, the traders have been asked to keep eateries open according to multiple reports.