NASA announces the very first all-female spacewalk

03:10 PM | 7 Mar, 2019
NASA announces the very first all-female spacewalk

As International Women’s Day is just around the corner, NASA is coming up with something super exciting for the women this time of the year. On Wednesday (yesterday) NASA has announced that it will be conducting the first-ever, all-female spacewalk as reported by CNN reports.

Astronauts Christina Koch and Anne McClain will exit the International Space Station on March 29, 35 years after the first woman performed a spacewalk. They’ll be guided from the ground by flight director Mary Lawrence, and flight controllers Jackie Kagey and Kristen Facciol.

NASA spokeswoman Stephanie Schierholz confirmed that the upcoming walk will be “the first with only women,” but added that “it was not orchestrated to be this way.”

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Nevertheless, the Canadian Space Agency flight controller Facciol Tweeted her enthusiasm about the mission.

Fewer than 11% of the more than 500 people who have been to space have been female, and spacewalk teams have either been all-male or male-female.

In the nearly 60 years of spaceflight, there have only been four times when expeditions included two female members trained for spacewalks.

Male astronauts Nick Hague and David Saint-Jacques will participate in the first and third spacewalks.

It is unclear yet what is to be accomplished on the spacewalk. NASA says spacewalks are conducted for repairs, testing equipment and conducting experiments.

Stay tuned for more updates.