CJP Jamali warns elites against the politics of ‘trading allegations’

06:59 PM | 7 May, 2016
CJP Jamali warns elites against the politics of ‘trading allegations’

KARACHI (Staff Report) - Pakistan’s top judge has warned against the prevalent culture of political leaders hurling allegations against each other while they shirk their responsibilties.

Addressing a seminar here on Saturday, Chief Justice of Pakistan Anwar Zaheer Jamali said that fundamental rights are enshrined in the Constitution and no law contrary contrary to these rights could be enacted in the country.


“The culture for leveling allegations on each other is thriving in the country,” the SC judge warned, adding that everyone talks of rights but no one is ready to discharge their obligations.

He regretted that Urdu had not been made the official language of government despite the lapse of 27 years since this decision had been made. “Our national language is Urdu and its implementation is a must. We want to implement our national language in the country but still we are unaware of our language,” he urged.

“We will have to change our judicial system into Urdu as soon as possible because education on law is imparted in respective national language all over the world,” the chief justice underscored.