Momentum Tech Conference attracts a galaxy of international speakers

09:40 PM | 8 Jan, 2018
Momentum Tech Conference attracts a galaxy of international speakers
KARACHI - Defying the strained relations between the US and Pakistan, more than one dozen American startups and business greats are coming to the country next month.

Among them is Kevin France, who is the mentor to 150 plus Fortune 500 companies and several Forbes billionaires, hyper-growth expert Jason Gilbert; and Tcat Houser, who is the author of 50 plus books.

Their goal is to steer the Pakistani startups and entrepreneurs towards success and integrate with international markets of America, Canada, and Europe.

“All-time great success creators and mentors to successful companies are coming to Pakistan for the first time to share not only their success stories but also guide us to be a model of success,” said Amir Jafri, founder of Momentum Pakistan, who is hosting the foreign delegates at the Momentum Tech Conference being held in Karachi on February 19 and 20.

The conference where Pakistani startups and entrepreneurs can register and participate free of cost will also feature the representatives of Facebook, Amazon Web Service, IBM and Microsoft who will share their tools and resources with the participant enterprises.

“World governments can have their relations ups and downs but this mentors-to-enterprises connectivity will grow the bonds of cooperation between the people of Pakistan and the world,” Jafri said while unveiling the list of international participants of the conference.

Kevin France says he is excited to be in Karachi where he will meet the Pakistani enterprises and will also boost their morale by sharing tips to win over success.

“The real secret to growing your enterprise is to surround yourself with the people who are much smarter than you'; I had several mentors, in fact, we all need mentors,” he says in a video interview.

“We need to admit what we don’t know, is we don’t know.”

Mr France will be travelling from Sydney to Karachi, sparing one day from his tight schedule for the Momentum Tech Conference. He has a word for startups and entrepreneurs: “Show up at this conference and other such events as 98 percent of the success are driven from showing up.”

Also among the most sought-after delegates at the Momentum Tech Conference will be Tcat Houser, who is the author of more than 50 books on success formulas and beating hurdles on way to success.

“I am well known for innovation. Disruptive Technology is built-into my DNA,” said Mr Houser, who is renowned for helping people outsmart their competitors by the cross-analysing public and private data sources.

The man says his passion is to study the most amazing computer - the human brain - and to fuss with electronic/computers, and audio/visual (analog-digital) experience. His new books, “New Success Secrets”, and “L.E.G Formula”, which he co-authored with Global Social Entrepreneurship Foundation founder Muhammad Siddique, will be launched at the Momentum Tech Conference.

Mr Houser says whatever he has learnt from his and others' experiences, he wants to pass on freely and is pleased to interact with the Pakistani audience in Karachi.

What is LEG Formula?

Explains Muhammad Siddique: “We start with learning, and this L is derived from learning period. After learning comes the time for earning, this E teaches the readers how to earn smartly. Once earned enough, it is time to give back, and G tells the benefits of giving back.”

Jason Gilbert, global hyper growth consultant, will also be at the Momentum Tech Conference to help startups grow rapidly. In a video interview from his home in the US, he details what he will share with Pakistani startups and enterprises: There are certain things which startup must do, and there are certain things, which they must not do.

Pakistan Ambassador to the US Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry has welcomed the people to people contact between the US and Pakistan at the Momentum Tech Conference.

“This is a great way to bolster friendship between Pakistan and the US,” according to the envoy.

Cofounder Zapya, a file sharing application, Steve Gu will inspire the audience with his story of Zapya, which starts with zero and now stands at 480 million users. He said he would take the Pakistani entrepreneurs and startups to American and Chinese Silicon valleys.

Patriza Marin, a successful globetrotter, networker, consultant, journalist, university lecturer, and sommelier, will show Pakistani enterprises the path to Italian markets. At the moment, she is living in the UAE and is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, and is Italian mother tongue.

She is founder and chair of the Marco Polo Group, a leading company in the strategic business development, with extensive experience in the US, Canada, South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Besides these international speakers, the conference will feature scores of incubators, universities and national and international companies.