Why Pakistani women want to participate in the 'Aurat March'

03:44 PM | 8 Mar, 2019
Why Pakistani women want to participate in the 'Aurat March'
KARACHI-The Aurat March 2019 is set to take place in all major cities of Pakistan today (Friday) to correlate with and commemorate the International Women's Day.

Set with a perspective to stand up against marginalisation, patriarchy, misogyny and gender inequality, women share why they march: from speaking up against discriminatory gender roles to harassment and honour killing and the many issues they deal with.

All these demands stand in solidarity with the #MeToo Movement, which inspired many Pakistani women, from celebrities like Meesha Shafi to numerous other women on Twitter and real life, to come forward with their experiences and talk about their trauma.

Acclaimed singer, Meesha Shafi, thinks that it's pertinent for those to be a part of this movement who are afraid to demand justice and to be fully aware of their rights.

Nighat Daad, lawyer and internet activist who runs the not-for-profit organisation Digital Rights Foundation, thinks it is crucial to raise your voice against harassment, and that is her reason for #WhyIMarch.

Journalist Benazir Jatoi expressed that it is extremely vital for women to have control over their own body.

Nida Kirmani, a feminist sociologist working on gender and urban marginality in South Asia, believes that it is compulsory to attend the march to oppose the existing societal gender roles.

Not only women, but a significant number of men have come forward to support the 'Aurat march'


What do you guys think about this revolutionary movement? Would you be a part of it?