Pakistan decides to officially ban dowry 

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2020-10-08T10:19:00+05:00 Web Desk

ISLAMABAD – In a historic decision, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf-led (PTI) federal government has decided to ban the tradition of dowry.

In the latest development by the Minister of Religious Affairs of Pakistan, it has been decided to make it illegal for a man to take dowry, prohibiting groom and his family to demand and then put it on display. 

After the decision, Pakistan has become the first Muslim country to ban dowry tradition which is believed to be the root of domestic violence along with other evils in the society.

According to the new law, the allowed dowry will be just clothes (for the bride only) and bed sheets only. In the case of divorce, the groom’s side has to return all the gifts and dowry to the girl.

It has been made mandatory to enter the details of gifts and dowry given to the bride into the Nikkah-Nama. 

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