Artistic freedom squashed: Asim Abbasi upset over ‘Churails’ being banned in Pakistan

11:06 AM | 8 Oct, 2020
Artistic freedom squashed: Asim Abbasi upset over ‘Churails’ being banned in Pakistan

Asim Abbasi’s popular web-series ‘Churails’, uncovering some harsh societal realities of Pakistan, caused a stir around the world ever since it premiered on ZEE5.

However, the series has now been banned in the country as the moral police feels offended by a monologue of Hina Bayat from the show. 

The director has taken to social media to express his dismay over the decision.

"How strange for Churails to be lauded internationally, and now be shut down in its country of origin. In the very country where hundreds of artists came together to create something that could initiate dialogue and open doors for new narratives," he Tweeted.

The ‘Cake’ director continued, "Artistic freedom squashed because it is wrongly perceived by some as a moral threat. Predictable, and yet, still disappointing. For this is not just my loss. This is a loss for women and marginalised communities that this show meant to re-represent.”

"This is a loss for all actors, writers, directors and technicians across Pakistan, who were hoping for digital/OTT to be their saviour. And it's a home-run for all the misogynists who have once again proven that they are the only voice that matters," Abbasi concluded.

Marking Abbasi’s digital debut ‘Churails‘ houses a star-studded cast including Sarwat Gilani, Mehar Bano, Yasra Rizvi and Nimra Bucha in the lead.

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