Bill Gates' "plan" to end world poverty: Give poor lots of baby chickens

11:44 AM | 9 Jun, 2016
Bill Gates'
NEW YORK (Web Desk) - One of the world's richest men Bill Gates has unveiled his latest plan to combat poverty in developing countries by giving poor people lots of baby chickens to sell.

Announcing his project in New York, Gates said that a grown chicken is sold for $5 on average and the poor families can fund their children's education and food through this money. That is why lots of chickens should be sent to the poor countries to help them in combating the poverty, he said.

Under this project, as many as 100,000 baby chickens will be donated to the poor states in Africa, he said.

Gates said that the major targets of this campaign are Burkina Faso and Nigeria, where only 5% of population grow chickens at home.

After the implementation of this plan, this percentage is expected to jump to 35, he added.