10 Reasons Why All Smart Girls Should Be Single On This Valentine's Day

02:29 PM | 11 Feb, 2016
10 Reasons Why All Smart Girls Should Be Single On This Valentine's Day
Don’t get too sad if you are single this Valentine's day. Being single is much better than being in a bad relationship that makes your life unpleasant and complicated.

So here are our 10 best reasons why it is better to be single this Valentine's day.

You Do Not Settle

Being single means you do not settle. You know what exactly you want and deserve. You do not let yourself settle for anything less just for the heck of it. You respect your standards and are not willing to compromise on them.


You Are A Smart Girl

Smart girls are always single. They are independent and comfortable in their own skin, they don't need a guy to keep them happy.


You Don’t Compromise Your Girlfriends

You are the kind of lady who doesn’t abandon her friends for a man. After all your girlfriends are your soul mates and you believe in fries before guys. You enjoy ladies night and cherish spending time with your girlfriends.


Your Top Priority Is Not Being Someone’s Girlfriend Or Wife

You might be attending far more important things in life. Your only aim in life is not to be someone’s girl friend or wife but you want to build your own empire. You are career oriented and driven by your passions.


You Can Openly Snap And Check In Anywhere Without Being Afraid Of Being Caught

Nothing kills a night quite like your partner texting you at 3 am asking where you are. Kill that noise. You want to stay out until dawn if you feel like it. You don’t want to be answerable or update your status to anyone all the time. You don’t allow anybody to keep a check on you 24/7 except your parents.


You Love Being The Single Girl At The Wedding

Not just single hunks but their mommies are also interested in approaching you. Even the married couples envy your single life.


You Don’t Want To Waste Your Time

Time given to one person is irreplaceable. You don’t want to regret it later. It’s not even about paycheck or  wasting your money in fact you don’t want to waste your time on a bad conversation over a meal. You don’t want to invest you time on a bad date thay annoys you. You don’t want to get uncomfortable for something that is just waste of your precious time.


You Have The Guts To Challenge The Stereotypes And Standard Ways Of Living

Marriage is overrated. Being single means you are brave enough to break the stereotypes. You have a life different from all others. You are crazy and you love to deal with the life the way you want. You are not a victim of societal pressures. You are not influenced by your peer group.  You like standing out and taking risks! You enjoy living on the edge.You are adventurous.


You Don’t Believe In Being In A relationship just For The Sake Of Being In It

Being single doesn’t mean you are unromantic or anti social. it simply means you don’t believe in being in a relationship just for sake of being in it. You can have as many friends as you want. You can go out and hang out with anyone without any pressure.


There Are No Strings! You Are A Free Bird

You take your decisions without thinking it might upset the other person. There are more chances for you to explore. You are a free bird. You have no conditions and responsibilities. You can be yourself.


So It’s a perfect time to celebrate the fact that you don’t have to deal with your own wedding anytime soon, which also mean more money for shoes, brunch, and trips to faraway places. Single is far better. You are dating yourself! And you are not living under a rock. Relax.