UMT founder Dr Hassan Murad dies in road accident

09:30 AM | 11 Sep, 2018
UMT founder Dr Hassan Murad dies in road accident
LAHORE - Professor Hassan Sohaib Murad, the founder and chairman of the University of Management and Technology, lost his life during a car accident in northern areas on Monday.

As per details, Murad was coming back from Khunjrab border after attending a seminar when his vehicle met an accident.

The deceased professor's son Ibrahim Sohaib, who was also in the car, sustained injuries in the accident.

Dr. Murad was a renowned scholar of management, philosophy and inventive business studies; his funeral will be held tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5 PM in UMT.

Crashed Porsche of Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad

In a message, the UMT said, “On behalf of Rector UMT, DG UMT, this is sorrowfully announced that the Founder UMT and Chairman ILM Trust Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad has passed away in a tragic road accident.”

The founder of the UMT was born in Karachi and he received a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Karachi’s NED University of Engineering and Technology.

Later, he went to the US where he did his MBA from Washington State University. Dr Murad got PhD from the University of Wales, the UK.

He founded the Institute of Leadership and Management in 1990; however, the institute, in 2004, received a charter from the Government of Punjab in 2004, turning into the UMT.