Groom takes baraat to the police station

12:34 PM | 12 Feb, 2020
Groom takes baraat to the police station

SARGODHA - A groom, hailing from Sialkot, took his Baraat to the police station where he spent his wedding day filing a report against his bride-to-be and her family.

According to the Express Tribune, 24-year-old Zeeshan Shaukat from Daska, Sialkot, arrived along with his wedding party in Sargodha only to find the bride’s house locked and the family nowhere in sight.

Dressed in traditional wedding attire, including a Sehra and garland, Zeeshan spent his wedding day filing a complaint against his bride-to-be Kausar and her mother Mumtaz Bibi.

“The bride’s mother took Rs250,000 from us on the pretext of dowry,” he told the police.

Zeeshan also said that upon arrival, they found the bride’s house locked. “When we asked women in the neighbourhood regarding their whereabouts, they expressed ignorance.”

He added that they found out that Kausar and Mumtaz were tenants at the house which had been locked for over three days. “Even the ladies who were involved in the matchmaking are no longer available and their phones are switched off,” he said.

According to the groom-to-be’s father Shaukat, the girl’s family had promised a wedding and instead, they scammed. “Get my son his bride or recover the money,” demanded Shaukat while failing to hold back tears.

Zeeshan went on to say that he is a poor farmer and his family had worked really hard to save the money for his wedding. “What will I tell people in my hometown when I return without a bride,” he added.

According to police, a complaint has been filed and authorities are taking action as per the law to bring to justice the women responsible for the scam.