After lashing out at Daily Pakistan, Momina Mustehsan confirms she's officially single

01:24 PM | 14 Feb, 2017
After lashing out at Daily Pakistan, Momina Mustehsan confirms she's officially single

LAHORE - Daily Pakistan was the first newspaper to reveal that Coke studio star Momina Mustehsan, a heartthrob of many people around the world, had called off her engagement with Ali Naqvi, a US-based banker.

Quite unexpectedly, the celebrity responded to the news in an 'unpleasant' manner and chose to take on the publication for reporting it. “IF there is something that needs to be shared with the world, I’ll make the announcement myself,” the singer wrote on her Facebook status insinuating that the report was baseless.

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Now, Momina herself has made it official that she is definitely single as she posted on Snapchat about a gift she received for Valentine’s Day, the caption, “Single girls get Valentine’s gifts too. Thanks @beoneshopone”

Addressing those who are concerned about her engagement in a tweet, she stated: “Yes, our families have mutually agreed to call off the engagement. Earlier when the news broke, I had requested everyone to not jump to conclusion and to not speak on my behalf on such a personal matter, and let me be the one to make the announcement when need be”.

It's fascinating and a bit unfathomable to see her sharing stuff from her personal life with her fans as she had been earlier sloganeering her right to privacy.

Responding to the report, Momina took to Facebook and emphasised her right to privacy. She wrote:

While we reported on the story because millions of Momina’s fans take interest in the matter, we had already withheld the more personal details and causes of her breakup, respecting her privacy.