Pakistani student redesigns currency notes and the result is amazing

01:11 PM | 15 Aug, 2018
Pakistani student redesigns currency notes and the result is amazing

LAHORE - Pakistanis are talented people with new ideas and creative minds. and our students have a great well of learning and practice. One such example is of a recent thesis project of an art student from Rawalpindi who had resigned Pakistani currency and yes the ideas are the amazing and aesthetically pleasing setup of the note.

The student-designed the notes as part of her Bachelor of Arts Thesis. The topic of her thesis was “Redesign of Pakistan Currency Notes – theme based on Pakistan’s Cultural Diversity.”

Her brother shared her hard work in a Twitter post to share the results of this project. Let's have a look at the designs :

The representation of Pakistan's tradition is a great idea on the currency note. One can see the natural landscapes along with monuments situated at various parts of the country.

Also, the centuries-old civilizations like 'Gandhara civilization' which added an identity to this land are also being represented on a 100o rupee note.

Truck Art is the pride of Pakistan and it has given fame to Pakistani artists worldwide. The artist had incorporated different domains of the culture of Pakistan which range from history, art, civilizations, natural beauty.

 Did you like the creativity of the artist? Do we need a change in our currency? What's your say about this new idea? Do let us know in the comments section below.