Dr. Beverly D. Metcalfe visits SDSB, LUMS

01:38 PM | 15 Jun, 2017
Dr. Beverly D. Metcalfe visits SDSB, LUMS
Dr. Beverly Dawn Metcalfe, Visiting Associate Professor at the American University of Beirut, recently visited the Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) at LUMS. Dr. Metcalfe is internationally recognised for translating social science into work policies and practices that promote sustainable business, especially staff development and capability.

Her record demonstrates a wealth of experience and innovations in uncovering ways to improve work processes and conditions to enhance decision-making.

She has twice received the Academy of International Business Award for supporting gender awareness in international business (by Swedish School of Economics) and for her work on Middle Eastern women's role in international development.

Her text 'Leadership Development in the Middle East' (2011, 2012 Edward Elgar) is the core text for the majority of the undergraduate programmes in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

During her visit she delivered a research seminar for the SDSB faculty on Critical Perspectives of Islamic Feminism(s) and Feminizing Islam.

The seminar was well attended by faculty from the SDSB and LUMS. This was followed by a special session with the SDSB doctoral students. Students with research interests in Organisational Behaviour and HRM areas were especially encouraged to meet with her and discuss their research ideas and proposals.

The students were deeply impressed by Dr. Metcalfe and encouraged by her talk.

Dr. Metcalfe individually met with SDSB faculty members to discuss leadership development, Islamic ethics, women’s leadership development and empowerment, women’s entrepreneurship, and environment and social change.

A city tour was also arranged for her by the SDSB research centres. She shared her interest in the history of Lahore and was eager to visit the city’s historical landmarks.