Real Winners of CWC 2019

06:31 PM | 16 Jul, 2019
Real Winners of CWC 2019
Sunday’s final of the WC2019 between England and New Zealand was the most sensational cricket match of its league. It looked like as if the English were celebrating French Revolution, whose anniversary incidentally fell the same day.

I was supporting England, partly for deeply embedded colonial heritage (read ‘complex’), and partly because of convoluted nationalism.

That is, in England’s victory was hidden India’s defeat, and Pakistan’s double victory.

I explain this in a bit, after sharing more critical aspects of this historical world cup.

This World Cup in general, and the final match, in particular, will be remembered for unusual reasons. Top one being that the winner (England) ‘won’ the final with zero runs (if we consider the supper over), or zero wickets (if we consider the main match). And, New Zealand ‘lost’ the (main) match with zero runs, and the supper over, with zero wickets.

It’s like declaring a winner based on history and reputation, not on the performance at hand!

In the same vein, Pakistan did not qualify for the semi finals due to run rate and reputation.

The above technical oddities aside, the real news is that there are three winners of this world cup. Morally, New Zealand won it. For Pakistanis, NL won the world cup when they beat India because for us the real winner is who could beat India.

In Pakistan the hot weather suddenly became extremely pleasant in the fourth over of the first semi finals when Indian team were 5/3; and, proper celebrations started in the 10th over.

Beating India in the cricket world cup is the only Indian-related task that we love to outsource.

First, we used to request Australian for this coveted job; now, we have found new loves in the form of England and New Zealand.

Our sense of victory somehow is dependent on others losing a match that we are not a part of.

In such outsourcing, and seeking delight in others’ plight, the cricket team takes a leaf both from the best institution of the country, as well as from the worst one.

The former you know well, the latter, I leave to your imagination! (A hint: it’s not Parliament; but you can pick one from SC or FBR; or have your own).

If you are wondering why Pakistan always manages to lose to India in the World Cup fixtures, it is a top-secret move of a larger strategic plan to relay a subliminal message of consistency to sustain and attain credibility in other, apparently, unrelated areas and realms.

In this plan, all institutions of the State are on the same page; the well-camouflaged khaki page.

The plan is, if we are consistent in being a non-threat to India in the world cup matches, we shall be very credible and consistent threat them in nuclear deterrence.

If you can’t find parallels or deep connection, you are either not a Pakistani or a monolingual.

Back to the multiple winners of the WC2019.

Technically, England won; morally, New Zealand is the winner; but virtually, Pakistan won this – so all those comparisons between 1992 and 2019 were not for nothing.

If you are a bit unintelligent and need to be told and explained the obvious, never mind. I too have been there, happy to explain because I know how it feels! (The fact is, the unintelligent don’t feel much).

Pakistan is the only team who beat both England and New Zealand in the league matches. Indians were beaten by England in the league matches, and by New Zealand in the semi finals.

I am sure, even the unintelligent will get that solid logic.

All those parallels with the 1992CWC were not for nothing: Like in 1992, England played the finals, but slightly unlikely of 1992, Pakistan is the virtual and the real winner. Let us celebrate.