The state of online casino industry in Pakistan

06:38 PM | 20 Jul, 2022
The state of online casino industry in Pakistan
Source: TechJuice

The gambling situation in Pakistan is somewhat perplexing. Brick-and-mortar establishments are, for the most part, banned. Past attempts to create a lottery within the country have also been unsuccessful due to intervention by the authorities.

There are a couple of exceptions, the first of which are gambling activities that take place within tourist complexes, and this only applies to tourists and immigrants. The second gambling form that is permitted is horse race betting, which is available to Pakistani individuals as well.

Playing games of chance on the internet does not fall under these exceptions, and the practice is considered illegal even if its existence has not been acknowledged within Pakistan’s laws. There are many players who gamble on the web, however, and numerous international casinos welcome Pakistani players with open arms.

The Legality of Remote Gambling in Pakistan

As mentioned, there are no laws that single out remote gambling and explicitly prohibit the practice at the time of writing. The law that governs gambling is presumed to be all-encompassing, however. This means that, technically, games of chance that can be played on the web are also banned, according to Pakistani law. And yet, you are unlikely to hear of a Pakistani individual who has faced any consequences for playing slots, baccarat, or any other game of chance they fancy online. The reason? The casino regulation in Pakistan we have discussed so far is not enforced when it comes to remote gambling. This makes online casino games the most popular and easily accessible form of gambling in Pakistan.

Casinos that target Pakistani players tend to have rich catalogues. Slots are, as one would expect, the most predominant in terms of variation, but table games are also particularly popular.

Pakistani players craving the unique atmosphere of land-based casinos are also catered to, as live games have seen wide adoption within the online gambling space. These games are hosted by actual croupiers, further helping clients immerse themselves in a casino-like environment.

It should be noted the online gambling websites in question do not pay any taxes to the Pakistani government. This is a stark contrast to regions where gambling is legal and regulated, and the potential boon to the Pakistani economy is why some believe legalising gambling would be good for the country.

Online Gambling Safety in Pakistan

Although remote gamblers in Pakistan do not currently face prosecution, many players prefer to play it safe. Some are worried that they might end up being the exception, while others fear that Pakistani authorities could rethink their lax approach toward online gambling and that the situation will change for the worse in the future.

Either way, many players who reside within the country have decided that they will not take any chances and thus employ several techniques that will ensure their gambling activities cannot be traced back to them.

The first popular safety precaution is to change the IP address of your connection which changes the location. This allows one to hide their digital footprint from your internet provider by encrypting your connection. This change of location can also be performed on smartphones using Apps.

Another popular method among Pakistani players is the e-wallet. This is a digital payment system that, true to its name, acts as your virtual wallet, and it prevents casinos from accessing your banking information. As one can imagine, this goes a long way to ensuring one’s privacy on the web.

Last but certainly not least, experienced gambling aficionados in Pakistan are well aware of the significance the casino itself has when it comes to ensuring one’s safety while playing online. They thus stick to casinos that are regulated by trustworthy regulatory bodies.