Why is Kamlesh Dance even a thing?

11:34 PM | 21 Jan, 2018
Why is Kamlesh Dance even a thing?

A video went viral where people at a wedding “Kamlesh Danced”

Wait, what??


A dance video of a wedding is grabbing attention as this unique dance raised questions of child abuse in our society and country.  It is a very sensitive case which should be addressed because there are a lot of kids on the roads who need our quick attention. “Kamlesh ka Solution” is nothing to be promoted as this boy and other children living off the streets are in grave danger. Children in our country are not safe and rather than changing their lifestyle and giving them positive response this is what we are doing.


Is this how we should be addressing such matters by going to extreme lows?

This video went viral from India in which a young drug addict named Kamlesh who was interviewed in Bhopal. He expressed his love for "solution" more than anything. People dancing on beats and catchy tone not only misses the basic humanitarian point but it is also a shame for us.

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We need to realize how drug addiction such as chemicals are a big issue of our country and it is no joke because every passing day kids like him are dying on the streets due to the availability of such chemicals. Supervision and selling of these drugs are not taken seriously.

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Its time we realize how important it is to address this issue and eradicate it.

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