Former ambassador Husain Haqqani booked for anti-Pakistan speeches

08:46 AM | 22 Jan, 2018
Former ambassador Husain Haqqani booked for anti-Pakistan speeches
KOHAT – Three citizens have lodged FIRs against Pakistan’s former ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani for his anti-Pakistan and anti-army remarks in his speeches, articles and books in Kohat.

Complainants – Shamsul Haq, Mohammad Asghar, and Momin – registered the cases at two police stations of Cantonment and Bilitang in Kohat, against the ex-envoy, Haqqani, who had served as Pakistan’s ambassador to the US from Apr 2008 to Nov 2011 before being ousted in the purview of memogate scandal.

One of the complainants, Asghar in the FIR said that Haqqani was a mastermind of Memogate scandal and served the interest of the US during his tenure as ambassador as he issued visas to agents of CIA and India.

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He also accused the former ambassador of defaming Pakistan and bring irreparable damages to the country through his books and called him a traitor.

The police have registered the cases against Haqqani under section 120B (hatching a criminal conspiracy) and 121A (waging a war against Pakistan).

After the case, Haqqani will have to surrender to the Pakistani police or he will be declared an absconder in the case of hate speeches.

In March 2017, the former ambassador in his published in The Washington Post admitted that he helped the US to station a large number of CIA operatives in Pakistan with the authorization of the then civilian government.

'Among the security establishment’s grievances against me was the charge that I had facilitated the presence of large numbers of CIA operatives who helped track down bin Laden without the knowledge of Pakistan’s army — even though I had acted under the authorization of Pakistan’s elected civilian leaders' he wrote in his article.

'The relationships I forged with members of Obama’s campaign team led to closer cooperation between Pakistan and the United States in fighting terrorism over the 31/2 years I served as ambassador' said Haqqani.

Former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gillani, who was prime minister of Pakistan at that time, rejected the allegations and expressed that the Abbottabad commission report should be made public which would expose the role of Hussain Haqqani.