Sleep Expo Middle East puts spotlight on the future of mattress manufacturing

Innovations in technology and sustainable production are top drivers pushing mattress market forward

04:23 PM | 22 Dec, 2019
Sleep Expo Middle East puts spotlight on the future of mattress manufacturing

DUBAI – The global mattress market is predicted to expand by US$ 12.69 billion during 2019-2023, according to the latest report by Technavio. With the accelerating development momentum promising immense potential to market players, analysts are seeing mattress manufacturing companies further striving to adopt innovative strategies to make the most of future growth opportunities.

Driven by the increasing awareness over the many benefits of quality sleep, as well as the rising demand from the commercial segment including hospitality and healthcare, premiumization of mattresses and beds is now a key trend in the industry – an overarching theme that will be highlighted in the brand-new Sleep Tech vertical of Sleep Expo Middle East.

Sleep Expo Middle East is the first and only event of its kind in the Middle East and Africa region dedicated to the burgeoning sleep market.  Scheduled for its second staging on 9-11 February 2020 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, the show will feature two verticals – Sleep Tech and Sleep Care. Sleep Care will see an expansive showcase of the latest products and solutions developed to deliver a wholesome sleep experience. Sleep Tech, on the other hand, has been designed to be to be the ideal platform for manufacturing innovations and ground breaking raw materials in the bed and linen industry.  Companies such as those offering quilting machinery, foam cutting equipment mattress zippers and threads, and ticking supplies are the main exhibitors to be featured in Sleep Tech. 

“The heart of the industry’s sustained growth will rest on cutting-edge technologies that drive operational efficiencies and help achieve product differentiation.  The MEA region represents one of the fastest growing market in the business of sleep.  There is an increasing focus on smart mattress, and emerging economies are stoking demand for premium mattresses offering significant opportunities to the market.  This is exactly why we are introducing the Sleep Tech vertical on our second year,” Taher Patrawala, Director, Media Fusion – organizer for Sleep Expo – said. 

While the development of the mattress market is largely attributed to factors such as increased income levels and infrastructural developments, there is no denying that innovations has significantly contributed to the strong growth enjoyed by the industry.  Smart manufacturing initiatives have so far been among the biggest drivers of change within the industry, effectively delivering revenue, cost and efficiency gains to businesses.

Farid Saba, General Manager, Noble Chemicals, said, “Mattress companies have been striving to innovate faster and achieve a new level of operational efficiency not only to greatly increase the ability to respond more rapidly to customer demands, but also to anticipate their changing needs.  Investing in technology-enabled transformations is a key imperative for market players for their next horizon of performance improvement and growth.  A big trend is next generation machinery updates, which revolve around efficiency — from reducing equipment downtime to speeding up production processes to reducing waste.  A number of manufacturers are also taking it a notch higher by investing in IoT and AI technologies to offer mattresses with intelligent features such as built-in sensors and sleep tracker.  The digitalization of mattress manufacturing is here, and this is certainly the way to go especially in the Middle East where there is massive digital disruption happening.” Noble Chemicals is one of leading companies in the industry, which will be featured in the Sleep Tech vertical.

The Sleep Tech vertical is much more than a showcase of new generation machineries and equipment. As the mattress market matures, manufacturing strategies also become more focused on other attributes, particularly in tackling societal challenges such as environmental degradation.  Another key focus for Sleep Tech is to highlight sustainability as a powerful strategy for competitiveness and growth.

Onder Honi, General Manager, Innova Bedding, said, “Consumers nowadays are increasingly interested in climate and environmental protection. Many prefer to buy from companies that stand for innovation and sustainability.  Building off this idea, manufacturers are coming up with ways to integrate green practices in the core of their mission, whether it’s emphasizing energy efficiency in industrial production, using all-natural and organic raw materials or developing biodegradable packaging – all these without sacrificing quality.  Adopting technological innovation and sustainable practices together should be at the forefront of strategic thinking for any mattress manufacturer as a way to achieve long-term growth.” Originally from Turkey, Innova Bedding specializes in in natural, organic and innovative bedding products.

In addition to the trade exhibit, Sleep Expo will also feature a two-day conference, which will discuss emerging market trends and developments.  Another special highlight of Sleep Expo Middle East 2020 is the inaugural Sleep Expo Awards, which will recognize and highlight the excellence amongst MEA mattress manufacturers and suppliers, hotels and bed retailers.

Sleep Expo Middle East 2020 is slated on 9-11 February 2020 at Hall 4 of the Dubai World Trade Centre.