Segregated classrooms for rich and poor- welcome to ELC and KCGS

03:02 PM | 22 Feb, 2018
Segregated classrooms for rich and poor- welcome to ELC and KCGS
Sialkot - A school system in Sialkot has been offering segregated classrooms for students in the same standard, based on socio-economic status. English Language Club (ELC) and Kids Club Grammar School (KCGS) offers this division based on students resources and their family status.

This discrimination against students was discussed on a Facebook page named Sialkot UPTO DATE. According to the post shared by the page, "In this private school system, students of the same grade are divided on the basis of their social and economic stature and are provided with different classrooms, facilities, and standard of education."

Social media users had strong reactions to it, with some calling it discrimination, unethical and dishonorable with others saying the school's administration isn't doing any worse than other private schools. However, one thing all agreed on this sort of tactics could do only one thing i.e. making some kids feel inferior to others.

After the backlash on social media, Kashif Khokha- the CEO of ELC and KCGS has apologized and has promised to provide quality education to the students without any prejudice and biases.

ELC and KCGS are part of a private school system run by Kashif Khokhar in Sialkot with several branches across the district.

The education system in Pakistan - both public and private sector - is often subjected to criticism for not providing quality education, suppressing the culture and mother languages, and differentiating and discriminating on the basis of family status.