Hrithik Roshan opens up about his most feared subject

07:06 PM | 22 Mar, 2018
Hrithik Roshan opens up about his most feared subject
MUMBAI: Hrithik Roshan has revealed that as a student maths as his most feared subject of all! The Bollywood super star who is set to play the role of Mathematician, Anand Kumar in the upcoming Vikas Behl film Super 30 took to Twitter to open up about his struggle with maths.

He spoke up on the topic after the recent CBSE class 12 maths exams took place in India and the entire nations students had positive reviews about their grades on March 21;

“I hear that today’s maths paper in CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) 12 exam was easier than earlier years.”

He also added, “Three cheers to the board for this. Maths was probably the most feared subject of my student life! Ironically, currently I am having a fun time playing a maths teacher.”

Hrithik has also garnered a lot of attention for the extreme transformation he has gone through for the role;

Super 30 is set it be released next year as it is currently being filmed.