No, there is no 'Civil War' in Karachi; Indian fake news on Pakistan debunked

01:07 PM | 22 Oct, 2020

KARACHI – Indian media went into a frenzy on Wednesday in its hatred against Pakistan by sharing old footage and news stories from the country, purportedly showing a civil war-like situation in Karachi between the Army and Sindh police force.

Recent series of events in the Industrial hub of Pakistan which comprise, two blasts, arrest of retd Captain Safdar, opposition rally and report about IGP abduction, made headlines in media across the globe, however, Indian media was quick to sell its propaganda about the situation on the ground in the Karachi.

Several Indian news channels including, Zee News English, CNN News18, India Narrative involved in propaganda against Pakistan.

India Narrative citing social media reports wrote: “The city has been in turmoil with tension running high not just between Pakistan’s numerous political parties but also between the Sindh police and the Pakistani Army.”

The International Herald sharing an old video on Twitter with a caption: “BREAKING : Civil war in Pakistan. Reported clashes between Karachi Police & Pak Army.”

Times now shared the same video with the caption: "Massive unrest in Karachi, Sindh as a protest against Pakistan’s army chief is underway."

10 Karachi police officers were killed in clashes that broke out in the financial capital of Pakistan. It also claimed that a ‘civil war’ has broken out following the violent clashes between police and the Army, Zee News English posted.

Moreover, CNN News18 shared two clips on Twitter over the current circumstance of Karachi with a subtitle: “#ImranUnderSeige - Civil War breaks out in Pakistan. Clashes between Sindh Police and Pakistan Army. Chorus for Imran Khan’s ouster grows. 4 Opposition Parties Join forces against the Imran Khan government.”

Here are some reactions by Pakistani users over Indian media coverage of Karachi situation:

The social site Twitter anyway wouldn't make a move against Indian fake news propaganda.

Facebook on the other hand also refused to take down hateful content by Indian far-right politicians, as they too operate from the neighboring country.