Nvidia apologizes for RTX 3080 launch, promises more cards are on the way

12:50 PM | 23 Sep, 2020
Nvidia apologizes for RTX 3080 launch, promises more cards are on the way

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 series of graphics cards was launched last week to fanfare, and the excellent pricing gave everyone hopes for a significant upgrade. However, the tech giant owed its consumers an apology as a result of the RTC 3080 preorder fiasco, where these highly desirable graphics cards sold out everywhere all at the same time. Nvidia wrote in a new FAQ, “we were not prepared for this level, not were out partners.” For a public apology, they wrote, “We apologize for this.”

According to Nvidia, the high demand for GeForce RTC 3080 was so overwhelming that it caused the website to stop working correctly. They claimed that the website was “inundated with over 10 times the traffic of our previous generation launch of the RTX 2080 and 2070.”

The official store went live at 6AM PT/9AM ET; however, by the time the card looked like it was already out of stock, many people missed out onto ordering one. Since the sales failed to begin on time, Nvidia could not press pause on sending “Notify Me” emails to buyers who had signed up for the mailing list. Those who received an email notification saying that they could buy one was already out of luck.

Moreover, the company also admitted that they had to manually cancel hundreds of orders placed by bots on the official website. As a result of the chaos, Nvidia confirmed that they will not manually monitor sales. The CAPTCHA has been integrated at checkout to lower the number of bots that directly purchase products from the website.

Nvidia has promised its consumers that they will continue to manufacture and ship new GPU’s to its partners, thereby increasing the weekly supply. The company further went on to suggest that you should avoid buying the graphics card from scalpers. There have been many instances of buyers selling them at thousands of dollars on eBay, angering people who could not order one at the launch.