65-year-old man sets World Record for Most Knuckle Push-Ups

03:23 PM | 24 Mar, 2016
65-year-old man sets World Record for Most Knuckle Push-Ups
CALGARY (Web Desk) - A 65-year-old Canadian man has smashed the Guinness world record for most knuckle push-ups in a minute, performing 91 before a crowd of supporters cheering for him inside a school gymnasium.

However, Al Waselenchuk will have to wait eight weeks for Guinness to verify his attempt, which appears to have surpassed the old record of 79 knuckle push-ups currently held by an American man.


Al Waselenchuk completed the feat at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology's gymnasium, where the school captured video of his attempt.

"If I don't make it, I don't make it. I don't know whether I will attempt it again," Waselenchuk told the CBC.

"I figured I better do this now. I'm not getting any younger," he said.


Knuckle push-ups are a new obsession for the retired bus driver.

Unimpressed with the latest record attempt by a "scrawny" guy from India named KJ Joseph, who put in a claim for 82 last month, Waselenchuk decided to limber up.

"I thought geez, that's achievable," he said. "I figured I could do better."

Waselenchuk began training for the record in November and said he lost about 22 pounds in the process - adding that he'd been feeling overweight prior to his training.