Is Elan's new collection really affordable?

11:10 AM | 24 Sep, 2019
Is Elan's new collection really affordable?
After Generation, it now seems Elan has also misinterpreted what it means to be an accessible and "affordable" brand.

On Sunday night, Elan's creative director Khadijah Shah announced the upcoming launch of a new collection named Tresor which provides affordable, hand-embroidered unstitched wedding season ensembles priced between Rs. 18,000-20,000. According to the brand's Instagram posts, the price increases by another Rs10,000 if you get it stitched.

"So a lot of people following me give me grief for Élan being unaffordable. I thought I’d share our newest collection Tresor with you guys! It’s an unstitched wedding season collection. Beautifully hand embellished and quintessentially elan priced just between 18-20k," wrote Shah.

But people on Twitter are still trolling the brand for thinking that the given price range is "afforadable"

Shah cites expensive raw material and production costs as a reason for only catering to a niche, luxury market, "I’m sorry, because of the rupee depreciating silks which are imported have doubled in price. Local manufacturers should look into developing good quality silks. I’ll be the first to buy them. It’s difficult to offer the price you’ve recommended with expensive raw material."

Sarcastic much? 

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