12:22 PM | 24 Sep, 2020

The world is moving towards the future even as we speak and progress is more evident than ever before. Each and every industry is working towards things that bring ease and convenience to the people. Amid all of these industries, we also see Suzuki, one of the key players in the automobile industry globally.

Now we all know that cars have gone automatic but not everyone loves this feature, there are still some who prefer to drive manual as it gives the real driving experience according to them. Now Suzuki is a brand that caters to everyone and doesn’t leave anyone behind introduced a new technology called ‘AGS’ (Auto Gear Shift) in Pakistan. AGS makes everything easy, it gives the driver an option to drive a manual car which can turn into an automatic car with just a shift as per their convenience.

When the technology was introduced there were and still are many misconceptions regarding this technology, some said it’s not fuel-efficient, it's high maintenance, the shifting isn’t smooth and that this is a tough technique to grasp. The company has been countering these misconceptions by informing the customers and potential buyers by telling them what it actually does and its benefits.

First of all, it gives you the liberty of having a dual-mode option, contrary to popular belief it is tested and proved that AGS is indeed fuel-efficient by a good margin compared to other options. The shifting would not seem smooth if it is not done properly in the way it is supposed to be. Lastly, since it holds an automatic engine, AGS does not require much attention towards maintenance, making it easy to maintain the car.

Currently, this feature is available with Cultus, Wagon R and Alto variants but the company has more plans for its audience.

Imagine not being tense while stuck in traffic, imagine not worrying about the fuel consumption, imagine not being worked up in keeping your car maintained at all times and imagine having the option to shift from manual to auto and vice versa. Seems unreal but this is the reality of how Suzuki wants to bring about ease and convenience for their customers, that is why the brand is known for its philosophy of ‘Way of Life’

To top it all, Pak Suzuki gives various offers on WagonR AGS and Alto AGS to attract potential buyers. Customers can save a big amount of up to Rs. 172,000+ via 1-year free periodic maintenance and free registration, they also have special markup rates to make it more and more convenient for interested parties.