Driver’s Education 101: Porsche Kids Driving School

01:05 PM | 25 Feb, 2016
Driver’s Education 101: Porsche Kids Driving School
Porsche Pakistan is currently carrying out a campaign in schools and institutions around Lahore on the importance of road safety. The campaign targets young people between the ages of 5 and 9.

Pakistan is the 5th deadliest country in terms of road facilities, globally. An estimated 32,000 individuals are casualties of such incidents each year. Given this high incidence, it is clear that we need to find effective solutions to reduce the number of road-related fatalities.

PKDS - Driving Porsche Pedal Cars

We have an overpopulated country with a population of more than 190 million that is set to grow to over 220 million within five years or so. With a growing number of people, there is naturally more pressure on the roads. However, this would not be a problem if individuals all followed road safety rules meticulously and had been properly educated in driving.

Formal education in safe driving is taken up by a minimal number of people. The best way to ensure road safety is through education, particularly from a young age, to reinforce correct rules and techniques. Picking up sound road safety habits during childhood is vitally important. In providing our kids with the best resources, we can make sure that they will be safe drivers and contribute to greater wellbeing on the road.

The main purpose of the campaign by Porsche has been to provide young children with proper information about road rules and regulations including the meanings of traffic signals, the importance of always wearing seatbelts, and safely using pedestrian crossings.

PKDS - Information Session

After being given a talk about the driving rules, the children are also given the opportunity to drive pedal cars under the supervision of the Porsche team themselves. The Porsche team observes and makes sure that all the correct regulations are applied by the kids in practical terms.

This driving experience is designed to be as interactive and real as possible. It incorporates typical road safety features including mini traffic lights, crossings and traffic police wardens.  This is followed by the presentation of special Porsche “First Driving License’s” to highlight the importance of the learning experience.

This initiative is a key example of the kinds of educational activities that can impart strong driving values and knowledge amongst the population and develop proper skills amongst future drivers. In a country like Pakistan, this is much needed.

PKDS - Porsche First Driving License

The campaign is set to continue over the next few months and will feature in schools around the country, building awareness and ensuring that road safety is taken very seriously by these drivers to be. With years of success behind them and a plan to continue into the future, Porsche is aiming to make a real change, one young driver at a time.