Pakistani student tops University of London LLB (Hons) exams

10:32 AM | 27 Aug, 2015
Pakistani student tops University of London LLB (Hons) exams
LAHORE (Staff Report) - Pakistani student, Aima Asad has passed University of London LLB (Hons) exams in first class, securing the top position in the university.

The Pakistani student was enrolled in International Programme for LLB (Hons), which she passed with six distinctions.


Explaining the challenge of British education system, Aima wrote in an article on Courting The Law, "The curriculum allowed students to think for themselves, be creative and bold and express their own unique point of view in complex legal situations."

Aima obtained world distinction in her first year of the UOL International Programme in the subject of Constitutional Law.

The extraordinary student said that she never rote learnt her lectures, rather used real life situations, "By looking at questions as scenarios from people’s lives in the real world I felt compelled to extrapolate every possibility in order to find relief for my clients."