Dananeer aka #Pawri girl hit by video leak scandal

11:45 AM | 27 Feb, 2021
Dananeer aka #Pawri girl hit by video leak scandal

LAHORE – Another Pakistani influencer has landed in a controversy over a leaked explicit video. This times its, Dananeer Mobeen.

The Pawri girl becomes the prey of the latest video leak scandal. The indecent video has been shared multiple times on different social media platforms and claims are being made that the girl in the video is Dananeer Mobeen.

While the video has everyone talking, the girl in the video is actually not the Peshawar Zalmi ambassador rather someone who bears uncanny resemblance to her.

On the other hand, Dananeer hasn’t responded to the latest controversy. People want the social media star to clarify the situation as soon as possible. It is still unclear whether the Peshawar Zalmi ambassador will seek legal action to have the explicit video removed.

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Instagram influencer Dananeer Mobeen became an overnight social media sensation after her pawri horhi hai video went viral all over the world.

The viral sensation has 1.1 million followers on Instagram. She has also appeared in a number of national television shows.

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