Innovation 2.0

11:24 PM | 27 May, 2019
Innovation 2.0

A strong military and a monumentally strong economy go alongside. After years of progress, world has witnessed that true wealth is in innovation.

Ever wondered why leading companies like Apple, Microsoft and thousands of others have their own major research and development centers? Why do they invest millions in research? The answer is to keep exploring new and effective ways to utilize technology.

This statement leads us towards the developments made in the field of Artificial Intelligence! The key sentence here is “the confluence of big data on activity.” The concept of AI is to revolutionize all industries and create a whole new conglomerate. To break it down further, Agriculture and Medicine can be used as an example.

“Precision agriculture and precision medicine” is all about treating an individual plant and a person respectively with the help of big database connectivity through sensors and drones. Any country which masters AI would literally drive the world!

Major developments are in the pipeline in Pakistan through the forum of PIAIC ( Presidential Initiative for Artificial Intelligence and Computing). The day is not far when major mechanisms like electronic media channels would go obsolete as cloud computing & AI would eventually replace them. I see it as an astounding opportunity for Pakistan’s economic growth.