Rape is horribly increasing

06:31 PM | 27 Sep, 2020
Rape is horribly increasing

Rape itself is the dirtiest and most unwanted act which I will discuss from different angles and perspectives digging it in depth simply because very much regretfully during the recent past in my own beloved Pakistan the rape, one way or the other, is no more simple rape which was noticed decades back rather over the years the crime has been magnified to its maximum limits which anybody can even think of.

Just out of sheer curiosity I googled to check about rape at a global level  I was literally shocked to read that among all the countries on the face of the earth, there are 10 worst countries for women and in those notorious countries the Islamic Republic of Pakistan whose passport I have is at step number 6 which, as such, has really and shamefully lowered our national image in the international community.

Needless to mention, rape is not only committed in Pakistan rather very safely it can be said that it is prevalent in almost each and every country on the face of the earth right from east to west and south to north but of course, varying in its intensity, application, complication, and its after-effects. However, very much strikingly and surprisingly Pakistani rapists are certainly be considered as the animals who cannot be named as human from any angle howsoever remote it could be and therefore I say with full confidence and certainty that gone are the years when Pakistan was not a that dangerous country but over the past many years the country has headed from bad to the worst in many fields particularly rape, to be honest. 

Our rapists will rape anyone any time and at any place irrespective of her age though in past these rapists exercised their choice to pick and choose grown-up women it is not practiced alike anymore and therefore now so very often it is read that as small as primary school-going girls are also raped which is absolutely awfully very mean. She is gripped while playing outside her house or even buying chips and toffees from a next-door grocery store. The victim is so small, weak, and tender both in age and physique that the poor simply can neither defend herself nor can ward him off, and quite naturally the beast rapes her at his will.  Put a hand on your heart to realize how much terrorized the unfortunate child had felt being sexually molested like this. She is too innocent and most of the time she cannot even recognize the rapist from a group of men which is the worst part of it. She is ruined for the rest of her life and she is left with no choice but to weep and curse her fate till she breathes her last. At times therapists have even killed and dumped her any ditch and we buried under the sand to hide their crime.

My goodness! Simple rape is no more allowed or, in other words, it can be said that anyone found committing simple rape will be heavily punished both monetarily and physically and consequently in pursuit of so-called modernization and development in my beloved Pakistan, simple rape has very successfully been replaced by gang rape where minimum two to any number of men can form a group and the poor victim is absolutely and exclusively under the strong clutches of therapists and being on the mercy of the animals in a manner that once one finishes his lust of rape, the other rapist jumps on her and when he is done the third in waiting takes his turn and likewise one after another sexual intercourse is performed and the poor victim is raped in continuity and at least I cannot describe any further the ordeal she faces at the hands of the animals. Once they are sexually exhausted, they will either kill and dispose of her body in a manner that none knows about their crime but if luckily, she is not killed then the scoundrels will threat her not only to kill her alone but her entire family as well if at all she vomits the story before her parents or police. Who weds non-virgin? I doubt if anyone has an answer to it.

Shame and utter shame now the devils have bluntly and ruthlessly dared to rape the lady, not in solitude but right before her family, be parents and or children but not the general public in any case. I am not a zoologist but yet I will describe what I have seen. Normally 3 or 4 dogs are running after a bitch and quite naturally each dog wants to enjoy sex with her but only one can be lucky to be with the bitch and once a dog is in action with the bitch, extra dogs just go away from the scene and try to hunt another bitch for the same and nevertheless unsuccessful dogs never watch what the dog and bitch are engaged with but alas my compatriots have crossed all the limits and they have eventually embarked upon to let the rape be seen by the naked eyes of her husband and her children which is even beyond imagination, to be honest, and of course, under the given situation all the three parties namely the victim, her husband, and her children are killed by the blunt sword and the killing pain carries on till their deaths. Children respect their parents and one can imagine the gruesome trauma they face seeing that their mother is being raped right before their eyes. The poor husband may be praying that he dies instantly instead of seeing her beloved wife being raped in this humiliating manner.

Most of the time, the wicked rapists will film rape in action and also photographed her naked to blackmail the victim who under the given situation is too helpless to awe the rapist. The scoundrel will dare to call her to come to him for sexual intercourse but if she picks up the courage and says no for sex then the rapist will threaten her to expose her photos both in action and naked which is very common and cheapest tactics of blackmailing her. Many times, the rapist will reach the victim and asking her to pay him money and if she does not agree to pay the money then the rapist threatens the girl saying that he will expose her sexual activities on social media.

The worst and the darkest aspect of rape is that the poor victim is not acceptable to any male to wed simply because all male wants a virgin to wed but ever since she has lost her virginity at the hands of the rapist, she is doomed to remain unmarried which is awfully too killing, to be honest, but what to do otherwise. Isn’t it too mean on the part of a rapist to wed none but a virgin only without realizing that he himself has fucked virgin girls so when commits the crime how the hell he can ask for a virgin but alas we ourselves are devoid of moral principles which are the worst?

Every alternate day, if not daily, we read rape news in our beloved Pakistan right from one end to another rape is committed be it morning, afternoon, evening, or even night, and then the news comes that the rapist that investigations have started to arrest the rapist but, in most cases, he is not caught for weeks if not months.  The news becomes old news and most of us have forgotten the case and then one fine morning we learn that rapist has secured bail before arrest.  After a few court attendances, the rapist is not only released but has even been given clean chit by a court of law as if nothing had happened. Did in this case when the rapist is declared as innocent my question is if she became a virgin again? Don’t forget that in our beloved Pakistan eventually even male, particularly school or college going, students are also subjected to rape which very well proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that none whosoever is saved in Pakistan be a female or a male or even a shemale. 

PM Imran just a few days back suggested that chemical castration be carried out on all therapists but I believe it will not be that effective and hardly anybody will be awed from castration and therefore I very strongly suggest that the penis of the rapist be cut and only one-inch sized penis be left with him so that he can just urinate and nothing beyond that whatsoever. However, this punishment must be announced at least a week before execution, telling the general public to come to the place on such a date and time to witness penis cutting which must also be shown live on all channels whereas large tv screens are erected all over the cities and towns so that maximum general public can watch it live.

Don’t forget that the crime rate was much reduced when President Gen Ziaul Haq ordered flogging in public and therefore unless and until we cut the penis is public rape will not even slow down what to talk of eliminating it.

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Pakistani rupee exchange rate to US Dollar, Euro, Pound, Dirham, and Riyal - 4 March 2024

Pakistani rupee remains stable against US dollar in the open market on March 4, 2024 (Monday).

US Dollar rate in Pakistan

In the open market, the US dollar was being quoted at 279.3 for buying and 282.45 for selling.

Euro currently stands at 302.5 for buying and 305.5 for selling while British Pound rate stands at 354 for buying, and 359 for selling.

UAE Dirham AED hovers at 76.3 whereas the Saudi Riyal saw slight increase, with new rates at 74.5.

Today’s currency exchange rates in Pakistan - 4 March 2024

Source: Forex Association of Pakistan. (last update 09:00 AM)
Currency Symbol Buying Selling
US Dollar USD 279.3 282.45
Euro EUR 302.5 305.5
UK Pound Sterling GBP 354 359
U.A.E Dirham AED 76.3 77
Saudi Riyal SAR 74.5 75.3
Australian Dollar AUD 181 183
Bahrain Dinar BHD 737.97 745.97
Canadian Dollar CAD 207 209.2
China Yuan CNY 38.82 39.22
Danish Krone DKK 40.23 40.63
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 35.7 36.05
Indian Rupee INR 3.37 3.48
Japanese Yen JPY 2.1 2.18
Kuwaiti Dinar KWD 901.62 910.62
Malaysian Ringgit MYR 58.49 59.09
New Zealand Dollar NZD 168.97 170.97
Norwegians Krone NOK 26.54 26.84
Omani Riyal OMR 725.68 733.68
Qatari Riyal QAR 76.74 77.44
Singapore Dollar SGD 207 209
Swedish Korona SEK 27.13 27.43
Swiss Franc CHF 314.07 316.57
Thai Bhat THB 7.74 7.89


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