Riz Ahmed shares he has lost two relatives to COVID-19

02:24 PM | 28 Apr, 2020
Riz Ahmed shares he has lost two relatives to COVID-19

LONDON - British actor Riz Ahmed opens up about his loss this year due to deadly Coronavirus outbreak. In an interview, Rapper Riz Ahmed revealed that two of his family members died after contracting COVID-19. He also said that the global pandemic is reflecting and revealing the fault-lines in our society.

The actor made an impassioned plea to remember the people from BAME backgrounds who are keeping the country running. Riz hopes the virus can bring humanity together to tackle greater problems rather than focusing on what divides people. “Coronavirus is on some level an alien invasion, isn’t it? It’s bringing humanity together against the common enemy,” he continued.


So there is this potential for this momentous, unique-in-the-history-of-our-species moment, of us all, going through this crazy challenge together and only being able to get through this together.” The star also expressed concern for how Muslims are being treated by India’s nationalist government.



He further talked about how the disease is hitting communities of colour in the UK and US., particularly very hard. Earlier, Musician Riz Ahmed joined British artists, politicians and essential workers to film a message for Muslims amidst Ramadan 2020. He asked in his video to continue following social distancing rules to combat against the deadly disease.

The 60-clip features a host of public figures, including Riz Ahmed, Konnie Huq, Naughty Boy, Asad Ahmed and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. However, they asked the British Muslims to “pray from home”.

“This Ramadan I’m staying at home, to protect our doctors, nurses, to protect our NHS, to protect our superheroes,” the video said.

Stay home, stay safe.