Peel and Win: Drink Pepsi to win millions of free Careem promos

07:17 PM | 28 Dec, 2018
Peel and Win: Drink Pepsi to win millions of free Careem promos
LAHORE - Careem and Pepsi are two brands we can swear by, Careem is there in our times of need when we are in a rush to get somewhere important while Pepsi is our saviour when it makes us get by a tough tired day with that incomparable taste.

The latest video by Pepsi is based on the partnership between Pepsi and Careem, who knew our favourite two brands will be coming together for an interesting collaboration?

The partnership was a result of a Twitter feud which took place a few weeks ago between Pepsi and Careem. Here is a little background information for you. Pepsi had called out Careem on using their brand name without permission on Twitter.

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When a customer requested promos, this was Careem and Pepsi's exchange to everyone's surprise.

However, later the two ended up forming a partnership after Pepsi initiated a deal.

Careem doubled the offer with much love!

In the video, we see Careem cars following a guy who’s holding a Pepsi. He bumps into a girl who is also being chased by Careem cars and together they figure out that it’s because they’ve Pepsi bottles with them which had Careem promos hidden on them. The idea is as real as it can get because Careem and Pepsi do have as many followers in real that there could be actual people running after promos!

We love the creativity of both the brands who have shown us that feuds could actually turn into meaningful friendships and we must say RESPECT!

What are you guys waiting for? Enjoy your Pepsi sips and Careem ride!