Here's what Navin Waqar does to stay fit

03:36 PM | 28 Feb, 2020
Here's what Navin Waqar does to stay fit

Celebrities are constantly juggling busy work schedules, but they’re always conscious about staying in shape for every event they attend. They’re keen about eating healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle to remain red-carpet ready. 

Navin Waqar has been quite the ultimate fitspo and the actor has finally revealed her much-coveted regime for her eager followers on Instagram.

The Bewafa actor started off by clearing how every person has different needs and should pursue a regimen that fits them well.

“Everyone has different needs when it comes to working out. My aim is to lower my fat levels. People lift heavy for that (lose weight) but I’m doing a mix of HITT/Tabata/Circuit training for now. It’s hard but it works. It helps build my stamina and endurance big time. Lifting will come later for me. Its gonna take time because fat loss and weight loss are 2 different things,” she explained.

Navin then went on to share details of her diet plan, saying, “You can probably tell from my Instagram stories that I eat a lot so here is what I do: I balance.”

“I eat good carbs like brown rice and roasted/steamed veggies. Chicken, fish, eggs and lean meat is a must protein for me because I don’t do shakes,” she shared. “I snack on blueberries, sugar-free/whole wheat cookies, almonds and dark chocolate.”

She also ensures that her diet consists of healthy foods. “Clear soups with veggies, brown rice and chicken/seafood are filling and yum so I load up on that big time! I make them at home and it’s super easy.”

“Overnight oats are great for breakfast. It’ll keep you fuller and give you energy throughout the day,” she said.

“I do fall off the wagon because I love junk food and meetha (sweets) is my kamzoori (weakness),” she admitted. “But I don’t give up. The most important thing is to have fun! If you cant do gym, get a couple of weights and do it at home. Or walk. The point is to be active and consistent.”

Here's all the motivation and commitment you need guys, because if Navin can do it, so can you!

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