JFK files: British newspaper received mysterious call before JFK's assassination

02:50 PM | 28 Oct, 2017
JFK files: British newspaper received mysterious call before JFK's assassination
LONDON - The newly released JFK assassination files have revealed that a  British newspaper received a mystery call about 'big news' in the United States, minutes before President John F Kennedy was gunned down.

The phone call received by the Cambridge News has raised the eyebrows of investigators as it was made just 25 minutes before the murder in Dallas, Texas.

The phone call was quoted in the memo from deputy CIA director James Angleton and it revealed that the caller said 'the Cambridge News reporter should call the American Embassy in London for some big news', and then it hung up.

According to Britain's top spy agency,  MI5, the reporter who took the call 'is known to them as a sound and loyal person with no security record.'

The memo was released by the US National Archives in July but it was not reported. It is also among a batch of files declassified in the US on Thursday.

A current Cambridge News reporter, Anna Savva said that the paper had no record of the incident.

'We have nothing in our archive -- we have nobody here who knows the name of the person who took the call,' she said.

It's unclear whether the call was merely a prank and the timing coincidental.

Let it be known that the classified documents surrounding the mystery of John F Kennedy's assassination in 1963, have now been released after President Trump granted permission.

The Congress back in 1992 had ordered to keep the documents under the wraps for 25 years and Trump was entrusted with the responsibility to whether allow or block the release, to which Trump gave a green signal.