Beautiful Samundar Katha Lake is the place to visit these days

01:16 PM | 29 Aug, 2019
Beautiful Samundar Katha Lake is the place to visit these days
PESHAWAR - In a bid to promote tourism in Pakistan, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has now inaugurated a new tourist spot in Galiyat.

Samundar Katha Lake, near Barra Gali, is now open for public. This lake has been created artificially amidst mountains, where tourist can enjoy speed boats, zip-lining, and horse riding.

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The Galiyat Development Authority’s spokesperson Ahsan Hameed has said that “we have created a new tourist destination so that visitors coming to Goliath can enjoy it, however, we are trying to further improve it.”

Multiple numbers of tourists from all over the country have started visiting the newly-built tourist spot.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced opening Governor House Nathiagali for the general public. The eight-room historical building was constructed in 1923 and spans over 76 kanals. It lies 7,922 feet above sea level.

PM Khan decided to open all the government rest houses for the masses. These rest houses will now be available for booking. The move will not only help maintain these historic buildings but also provide revenue to the government.

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So when are you planning to visit the breathtakingly beautiful resort with your loved ones?