This Pakistani toddler holds 22 records

11:46 PM | 29 Sep, 2022
This Pakistani toddler holds 22 records
Source: Social media

For the first time in the 75 years of Pakistan's history, an 18-month-old child has set a record-breaking trend in early education.

Muhammad Ayad currently holds 22 records from India, Pakistan, Canada, United States and London. Ayad has been titled as grand master in Asia records. He recently won three gold medals in the memory championship in Canada.

Ayad is surprisingly the only toddler who possesses knowledge of 18 topics, including flags, maps of the world, capitals, periodic tables, bones, planes, fighter jets, life cycles of animals, anatomy of human beings, tanks and car logos.

Furthermore, he knows French, Spanish and Arabic languages. The protégé could also perform science experiments without assistance. 

In India, people refer to Ayad as the "little Albert Einstein". A psychologist tested his IQ and it came out to be more than 150. Ayad is among the 2 percent of the world population who possess a photographic memory.

Muhammad Ayad is appreciated by Indian actor Santosh Shukla, Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats, chairman of the world genius convention Tokyo, and Arfa Kareem’s mother for his intelligence.  

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